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Specialising in financial planning for women, ISJ Financial Planning offers bespoke wealth management and financial advice designed to empower women across the UK. Secure your financial future today.

About Financial Planning for women

As a dedicated financial advisor, I recognise the distinct financial challenges and opportunities faced by women. My financial planning for women services are designed with your needs in mind. Operating from Leicester, I use my expertise to create bespoke financial plans for you. Whether you’re navigating career transitions, planning for family, or preparing for retirement, I’m committed to supporting your financial dreams with clear and confident guidance.

Understanding Financial Planning for Women

I’m committed to the prosperity of my clients in Leicester and beyond; I recognise that women face distinct financial challenges and opportunities. Addressing these unique needs is crucial to building a secure and thriving economic future.

Why Women’s Financial Planning Needs Differ

Women often experience a non-linear career path. Career breaks to care for family, part-time work, or support a partner in their career can impact lifetime earnings and pension contributions. Furthermore, the gender pay gap, though narrowing, still exists, meaning women may accumulate less wealth over time compared to men.

Women generally live longer, translating into a greater need for a robust retirement plan to ensure comfort and security in later years. Understanding these nuances is the first step in creating a financial strategy that truly resonates with women’s experiences.

My approach involves a personalised discussion to understand your specific circumstances. Whether you’re planning for maternity leave, managing finances post-divorce, or looking to invest with a keen eye on future security, I tailor financial strategies to your life.

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Investment Strategies for Women

Investing can be a powerful tool for women who are looking to grow their wealth, save for retirement, or simply secure their financial future. I specialise in demystifying the investment landscape and creating strategies that align with your personal goals and risk tolerance. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or taking your first steps into the world of stocks, bonds, and funds, I offer clear, jargon-free advice to help you make informed decisions. From socially responsible investments that reflect your values to growth-oriented portfolios that seek to maximise returns, my focus is on building a diversified investment plan that supports your ambitions at every life stage.

Five tips for Financial Independence for Women

  1. Start Early and Save Regularly: Harness the power of compounding by starting your savings journey as soon as possible. Even small amounts saved consistently can grow significantly over time.
  2. Educate Yourself Financially: Take charge of your finances by educating yourself on financial basics. Understand budgeting, investing, and the implications of debt to make empowered decisions.
  3. Diversify Your Income Streams: Don’t rely on a single source of income. Explore passive income opportunities, side hustles, or investments to build a safety net and increase financial resilience.
  4. Plan for the Long Term: Consider your future by contributing to a pension plan and investing in retirement accounts. Early planning can ensure a comfortable retirement without financial stress.
  5. Seek Professional Advice: Consult a financial planner to create a personalised financial strategy. Tailored advice can help you navigate complex financial decisions and achieve your independence goals.


Imagine a world where managing your finances is straightforward, allowing you to focus on what truly matters

Tailored Financial Planning

Personalised strategies that reflect your life goals and financial situation.

Expert Guidance on Life Transitions

I specialise in advising during pivotal life stages, whether it's career changes, family planning, or preparing for retirement.

Empowerment through Education

I aim to enhance your financial literacy, helping you make well-informed decisions about investments, savings, and pensions.


We believe in transparency and efficiency—values that shape every step you’re about to take with us.


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My Women’s Financial Services are specifically tailored to address the financial milestones and challenges unique to women. From managing career breaks for childcare to strategising for a secure retirement, I provide guidance that aligns with your individual needs.
Absolutely. I offer bespoke investment advice that factors in your risk tolerance, financial goals, and personal circumstances, ensuring your investment strategy is as unique as you are.
I understand the importance of a secure retirement. I’ll work with you to create a comprehensive retirement plan that ensures peace of mind for your future.
Whether you’re just starting in your career, managing family finances, or approaching retirement, I tailor my advice to suit your specific stage in life, ensuring it’s relevant and effective.

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“Great professional service provided by ISJ Independent Financial Planning. Offered a good view on retirement options as well as possibilities for current investments. Worth taking time for a friendly discussion. “
Pranav Patel
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“Lena is very professional and helpful. We’re always confident that Lena has our best financial interests at heart. “
Karen Curtis
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“I really like Lena’s approach to finding out what you want life to look like the you are retired so that you can clarify what your financial needs are. “
Sara Penter
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“Lena is not only extremely knowledgeable and professional, but also a really nice person to deal with. I would highly recommend. Thank you again Lena for all of your advice and support. “
Jodie Clarridge
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Financial Planning for women in Oadby, Leicester

At ISJ Financial Planning, I specialise in providing bespoke financial planning services for women right in the heart of Leicestershire. Based in Oadby, my office is well-positioned to offer tailored advice to the women of Leicester and the surrounding areas. I understand that the financial journey is personal and often intertwined with the unique challenges and opportunities women face. That’s why I dedicate my expertise to empowering women in Leicester and across Leicestershire with the financial tools and strategies they need to achieve their aspirations. From creating robust investment portfolios to retirement planning and tax efficiency, I’m here to guide you towards financial independence and security. Whether in the bustling city centre of Leicester or the charming surroundings of Oadby, you can rely on personalised and accessible financial planning support designed with the modern woman in mind.

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