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Minimise your inheritance tax liabilities and preserve your legacy. I’ll provide you with tailored solutions to ensure your wealth is transferred according to your wishes.
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About Inheritance Tax Planning

For many, the topic of inheritance can be sensitive, fraught with complexities and emotion. But overlooking the financial aspects, particularly Inheritance Tax, can leave your loved ones with unnecessary burdens.

I specialise in Inheritance Tax Planning. This service aims to mitigate the financial impact on your estate, ensuring that as much of your hard-earned assets as possible are passed on to the people or causes you care about. It’s about making informed decisions today to secure the legacy you wish to leave tomorrow.


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Maximise Inheritance:

Proper planning can help you utilise allowances and reliefs, ensuring your beneficiaries receive the maximum possible inheritance.

Peace of Mind:

Knowing that you've sorted the complexities of the Inheritance Tax offers emotional relief, allowing you to focus on life's more immediate joys.

Legacy Preservation:

Whether it's a family business or a treasured home, Inheritance Tax Planning ensures that future generations can enjoy your assets.

Legal Security:

Proper Inheritance Tax Planning incorporates wills, trusts, and other legal structures to safeguard your wishes legally.


We believe in transparency and efficiency—values that shape every step you’re about to take with us.


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Inheritance Tax is a tax on the assets you leave behind when you pass away. Planning helps you minimise this tax, enabling you to leave more to your loved ones or chosen causes.
The sooner, the better. Planning well in advance allows for greater flexibility and more effective strategies for reducing your potential tax liability.
Absolutely. As laws and personal circumstances change, your Inheritance Tax Plan can and should be updated to remain effective.
While a will outlines how you wish to distribute your assets, Inheritance Tax Planning is about structuring your estate in a way that minimises the tax impact on your beneficiaries.

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