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I’m not your typical financial planner. Having both Chartered and Fellowship with the CII puts me in an elite group of planners. If you’re looking for a professional, yet relaxed and informal service, please get in touch

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Financial planning in Leicester

Independent Financial Planning Adviser Award Winner 2022

In 2022, Lena was recognised in the Growth Investor Awards for her outstanding client service and expertise. This prestigious award highlights Lena’s commitment to going above and beyond for her clients by taking the time to understand their unique needs and tailoring financial strategies to their specific situations.

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Experience and Expertise You Can Trust in the Financial Industry

With over 30 years in the financial services profession, Lena has honed her expertise to provide top-notch independent financial advice. She founded ISJ Independent Financial Planning to ensure her clients receive the best possible service and truly independent advice. Trust Lena to guide you through your financial journey.

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“Great professional service provided by ISJ Independent Financial Planning. Offered a good view on retirement options as well as possibilities for current investments. Worth taking time for a friendly discussion. “
Pranav Patel
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“Lena is very professional and helpful. We’re always confident that Lena has our best financial interests at heart. “
Karen Curtis
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“I really like Lena’s approach to finding out what you want life to look like the you are retired so that you can clarify what your financial needs are. “
Sara Penter
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“Lena is not only extremely knowledgeable and professional, but also a really nice person to deal with. I would highly recommend. Thank you again Lena for all of your advice and support. “
Jodie Clarridge
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Secure Your Financial Future with Cash Flow Modelling

Worried About Running Out of Money? Let’s Plan Ahead.

Clear Projections: Visualise income, expenses, and savings for the years ahead.
Life Milestones: Tailored insights whether you’re retiring, divorcing, or just planning
Take Control: Remove the guesswork and be confident in your financial future

My Services

Empower your financial journey with tailored solutions in Leicester. At ISJ Financial Planning, I specialise in delivering comprehensive financial advice and planning services customised to the unique needs of Leicester residents. From investment strategies to retirement planning, I am here to navigate the complexities of your financial landscape, ensuring peace of mind for your future. You can get expert guidance locally because your financial well-being starts at home in Oadby, Leicester.


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What makes ISJ Financial Planning stand out in financial services?

I am proud to lead ISJ Financial Planning as a Chartered and Fellowship-accredited CII member, placing me among a select group of elite professionals.

My approach is professional yet relaxed, ensuring top-tier financial advice without formalities. I aim to make financial planning comfortable.

How does ISJ Financial Planning approach inheritance and tax planning?

Inheritance planning can be a complex and emotionally charged process. As an advisor at ISJ Financial Planning, I offer empathetic and comprehensive guidance to ensure that planning for your future is not just about the numbers, but also about honouring your life’s work and dreams while preserving and respecting your legacy. I’m here to help you navigate these critical decisions with sensitivity and expertise.

Can ISJ Financial Planning help me with my retirement planning?

At ISJ Financial Planning, retirement planning is one of our core strengths. Our aim is to work with you to create a custom strategy that balances your financial goals with the lifestyle you aspire to enjoy in your later years. We help you craft a future that excites you, with the peace of mind that your finances are being expertly managed.

What is the process for becoming a client with ISJ Financial Planning?

Your journey with me begins with an initial consultation to discuss your financial aspirations and concerns. From there, I will craft a bespoke plan tailored to your situation. You can count on my ongoing support and flexible adjustments as needed to keep your financial goals on track. At ISJ Financial Planning, it’s about creating a partnership that evolves with your life’s journey.

How can I ensure my financial plan reflects my personal values?

At ISJ Financial Planning, I place immense importance on aligning your financial strategies with your values. I take the time to understand what matters most to you, ensuring that your financial plan meets your economic needs and resonates with your life philosophy and ethics. It’s about crafting a financial path that reflects who you are and what you stand for.

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How does being based in Leicester enhance the services you provide to local clients?

I am a financial planner based in Leicester, with a nuanced understanding of the economic landscape specific to Leicestershire and the Midlands. This local insight enables me to provide tailored financial planning services, with the added benefit of face-to-face meetings to build a solid, trusting relationship. Whether you’re a local entrepreneur or a family planning for the future, ISJ Financial Planning offers services that are as local and personalised as your financial needs.

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Navigate the world of financial planning with confidence. My blog shares our expertise, breaking down complex topics into easy-to-understand guides and strategies, ensuring you make informed financial choices.

Financial Advisor Leicester

Welcome to your trusted source for financial guidance in Leicester. As a dedicated financial advisor based in Leicester, I specialise in creating personalised financial plans that cater to your unique circumstances. Whether you’re planning for retirement, managing your investments, or navigating complex financial situations, I am here to provide expert advice and solutions tailored just for you.

Schedule a consultation with me today and start your journey towards financial clarity and security. Let’s work together to achieve your financial goals with confidence and precision.

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Hands holding a financial planning flyer titled '10 Things You Should Know About Cash Flow Modeling'. The flyer lists topics such as 'Empower Your Financial Decisions' and 'Retirement Planning' with a call to action for a free consultation at the bottom.