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Plan for the life you desire with a strategy that goes beyond the numbers. I’ll help you create a financial blueprint that supports your lifestyle goals and dreams.

About Lifestyle Financial Planning

Managing your finances is often thought of in terms of numbers and spreadsheets, but what if I told you it’s also about realising your dreams and living life on your terms? It’s not just setting up an ISA or choosing a pension plan; it’s about creating a comprehensive and customised financial strategy that aligns perfectly with your life goals and values. Whether you’re planning to travel the world, send your children to university, or simply enjoy a comfortable retirement, I’m here to map out your financial journey in a way that makes your lifestyle aspirations possible and achievable.


Imagine a world where managing your finances is straightforward, allowing you to focus on what truly matters

Personalised Roadmap:

Forget one-size-fits-all solutions; I'll create a customised financial plan that complements your unique lifestyle and ambitions.


Whether buying a new home or going on a dream holiday, Lifestyle Financial Planning prepares you for life's exciting chapters.

Holistic Financial Health:

Beyond just numbers and spreadsheets, this approach considers your well-being and how your finances can support it.

Enhanced Decision-Making:

A solid financial plan tailored to your lifestyle makes every monetary decision simpler and more impactful.


We believe in transparency and efficiency—values that shape every step you’re about to take with us.


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Lifestyle Financial Planning focuses on aligning your finances with your life goals, making it more than just about pounds and pence—it’s about fulfilling your aspirations.
Absolutely, it’s never too early or too late to start planning for a life you’d love to live. Whether you’re a millennial or approaching retirement, Lifestyle Financial Planning can be adapted to your unique needs.
As life evolves, so should your financial plan. It’s advisable to revisit it at least annually or after any significant life changes to keep it aligned with your current circumstances.
Indeed, Lifestyle Financial Planning allows for seamless integration of retirement planning, ensuring you maintain the lifestyle you desire post-retirement.

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“Great professional service provided by ISJ Independent Financial Planning. Offered a good view on retirement options as well as possibilities for current investments. Worth taking time for a friendly discussion. “
Pranav Patel
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“Lena is very professional and helpful. We’re always confident that Lena has our best financial interests at heart. “
Karen Curtis
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“I really like Lena’s approach to finding out what you want life to look like the you are retired so that you can clarify what your financial needs are. “
Sara Penter
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“Lena is not only extremely knowledgeable and professional, but also a really nice person to deal with. I would highly recommend. Thank you again Lena for all of your advice and support. “
Jodie Clarridge
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