Women’s Financial Services

As a dedicated financial advisor, I recognise the distinct financial challenges and opportunities faced by women. My Women’s Financial Services are designed with your needs in mind. Operating from Leicester, I use my expertise to create bespoke financial plans for you. Whether you’re navigating career transitions, planning for family, or preparing for retirement, I’m committed […]

Investment Planning

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Investment Planning isn’t just about growing your wealth; it’s about aligning your financial resources with your life’s goals. As a Chartered and Fellow member of the CII, my approach to investment planning is far from one-size-fits-all. I offer personalised advice that considers your risk tolerance, timeline, and specific objectives. Let’s build a portfolio that meets […]

Cash Flow Modelling

Managing your finances isn’t just about saving for a rainy day, it’s about having a secure financial future whilst filling the bank with memories, not just money. Having the peace of mind you are not going to run out of money whilst maintaining your chosen lifestyle. Having a full understanding of your cash flow, you […]

Lifestyle Financial Planning

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Managing your finances is often thought of in terms of numbers and spreadsheets, but what if I told you it’s also about realising your dreams and living life on your terms? It’s not just setting up an ISA or choosing a pension plan; it’s about creating a comprehensive and customised financial strategy that aligns perfectly […]

Inheritance Tax Planning

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For many, the topic of inheritance can be sensitive, fraught with complexities and emotion. But overlooking the financial aspects, particularly Inheritance Tax, can leave your loved ones with unnecessary burdens. I specialise in Inheritance Tax Planning. This service aims to mitigate the financial impact on your estate, ensuring that as much of your hard-earned assets […]

Tax and Trust Planning

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I have come to understand the vital importance of Tax and Trust Planning. It goes beyond simply managing assets; it is about guaranteeing your financial security and legacy are protected and passed on effectively. Whether you want to maximize your tax situation, safeguard your family’s future, or handle your trusts with accuracy, my expertise is […]

Retirement Planning

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I’m not your typical financial planner. At Lena ISJ Planning, I offer a unique approach to Retirement Planning that goes beyond the numbers. As a Fellow and Chartered Financial Planner, I bring a level of expertise that places me in an elite group of financial planners. But what truly sets me apart is my commitment […]